In Every Heartbeat

My heart repeats your name, Hossein,

in every beat, in every beat;

My mind reveals your aim Hossein,

in every way, in every way;

My eyes, my eyes, receive your light, Hossein,

in every ray, in every ray.

Hossein… Hossein… O my Hossein

Some say Hossein is Only Way,

I say the way’s only Hossein;

Some say Hossein is one Imam,

I say Imamate means Hossein;

Some say Hossein has saved Islam,

I say Islam is but Hossein…

Hossein… Hossein… O my Hossein

We want najaat:

answer’s Hossein;

We want hayaat:

it’s by Hossein;

We want falaah:

only Hossein .

Hossein… Hossein… O my Hossein

Poem by: Ali Azimi

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