“A Lament to Nature”

O, You Nature! How Could You…?

O, you Water! O, Water…

What did you do to that Man & his family?

How could you get so awesome, so cold, and yet so out of reach…?

Why did you go so far…, why?

Wasn’t there, tell me, any way out?

O, you the Air! How could you…?

How could you get so hot there…?

What did you do with their hearts?

Why did you shine so hot, sun?

Wasn’t there, for His Sake, any way out?

O, you Fire! O, fire…

Why did you burn all those tents?

Wasn’t that Door of Their House enough?

How could you devour their poor things?

What was the taste of the bare feet…?

O, you the Soil! Tell me now:

What was wrong with those bare feet?

Why did you leave those bodies?

How could you leave them unburied?

Wasn’t there in you place for them…?

O, you fingers! Don’t go on:

Your face, you I! , is shameful;

Your hands are both traitors;

Your tongue is but a liar;

Your heart is not filled with Love;

Your eyes, you know, are as dry as desert lands:

‘Man’ is, and not ‘the nature’, responsible for that great tragedy.

Poem by: Ali Azimi

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